Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review: Awake

Published By: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: August 4, 2015
Page Count: 352
Source: ARC Kindly Provided by Publisher via NetGalley
Audience: Young Adult - Thriller

Scarlett is a teen living in England with no memory beyond her fifth year. It's not uncommon for people to not recall a ton about their early childhood, but to have a huge blank slate is also far from normal. Scarlett chalks this up to a tragic fire that occurred around the time she was four. She's never stopped to question her memory or wonder why her family might be keeping secrets from her, but all that changes when Noah moves to town.

Noah is the new guy we all dreamed about in high school. He's handsome, down to earth, and only has eyes for one girl. Scarlett can't believe her luck and the pair soon become joined at the hip. The instalove in this one was so overwhelming it gave me a toothache - too much over the top devotion and sweetness for two people who barely knew one another. They've barely started dating when Noah begins drawing pictures of their future home together. I felt this was unhealthy and creepy.

Excerpt & Giveaway: Awake

Excerpt from Awake

Once everything was ready it was time to get dressed for the ceremony. I was taken back to the house, and I was instructed to have a bath and get ready in the dress set out on my bed.

I did as I was told because there was little else I could do right now. After soaking in a bubble bath, using most of it up as my own little screw you, I got out, dried and went back to my room.

Waiting on Wednesday: I Crawl Through It

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine where she spotlights upcoming releases.

This week I am waiting on. . .

I Crawl Through It
By: A.S. King
Publisher: Little Brown for Young Readers
Release Date: September 22, 2015

Four talented teenagers are traumatized-coping with grief, surviving date rape, facing the anxiety of standardized tests and the neglect of self-absorbed adults--and they'll do anything to escape the pressure. They'll even build an invisible helicopter, to fly far away to a place where everyone will understand them... until they learn the only way to escape reality is to face it head-on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: Home

Home (Songbird #4)
By: Melissa Pearl
Published By: Melissa Pearl
Publication Date: August 4, 2015
Page Count: 255
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Source: Kindly Provided by Author
Audience: New Adult - Contemporary

Home is the 4th and most recent novel in the Songbird series. This novel stars Rachel and Josh, two characters who have not yet been introduced in the series. They live in Payton, which I gather is somewhere in the southeastern part of the country. 

 Rachel has lived a difficult life and Josh finds her one morning on the back doorstep of his bar, Clark's. She is drenched, bone thin, very ill, and clutching her only possession - a guitar her mother gave her. Josh brings her in and basically saves her life. While nursing her back to health, they fall in love. Rachel works for him at the bar, sometimes singing and sometimes waiting tables. Her voice is amazing and her dream is to make it big! 

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: The Veil

Top Five Reasons Andrea Loves This Novel:

1. New Orleans is the perfect setting for anything magical and sinister. 
2. Chloe Neill is hands down one of my favorite urban fantasy writers.
3. Claire is a strong willed, courageous female lead.
4. There is plenty of Book Boyfriend potential in Liam.
5. The world building is FABULOUS!

Teaser Tuesday: A Sadness Within

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly feature, hosted by MizB of A Daily Rhythm.

Something was happening to us. Something within us was changing, and the stronger I began to feel, the further away Elizabeth felt. Whatever was happening to me was not happening to her. I was healing and she was dying.

~ A Sadness Within by Sara Fiorenzo, pg. 3

Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Review: Syncing Forward

Synching Forward
Published By: W. Lawrence
Publication Date: June 15, 2014
Page Count: 488
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Source: Kindly Provided by Author
Adult - Science Fiction

Martin James is the world’s first time traveler. Well, not exactly. He was hunting down some terrorists when he was captured and injected with a drug that slowed his body down – way down – to 1/4000 the speed that the rest of us live at. In order to communicate with the “outside” world, Martin has a computer screen that doctors and family can leave messages and news items on. Keep in mind that at his slowest (the time ratio changes throughout his ordeal), every minute that Martin experiences takes nearly sixty-seven hours for the rest of the world. If I were Martin, in the time it took me to type this sentence just over a day would have passed in the normal world. Doctors are only able to speed him back up temporarily and can only do it occasionally; he ends up only being able to interact with people normally every few years, and then only for a few hours. How will Martin find the people who did this to him? Will he ever be able to live a normal life? 

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Rome in Love

Top Three Reasons This Looks Like a Great Summer Read:

1. Rome is a great setting for a book vacation.
2. There is an Audrey Hepburn connection.
3. The novel promises beautiful sites, decadent food, and high fashion.

From the author of LAKE COMO comes the story of a young actress who lands the lead in a film that is shooting in Rome, bringing about difficult life choices, new friendships, and a chance at love.

Cover Crazy: Vengeance Road

The purpose of Cover Crazy is to feature a cover each week for us to admire its beauty. I really like this idea since there are so many great covers out there! Cover Crazy is a feature that was started by The Book Worms.

I largely like this one because it's vastly different from most YA covers. This one stands out in my mind. I love that it feels very Old West, but also uses some elements that feel tattoo inspired. I love the combination of the skulls and flowers. It makes me feel like this novel will be a rough one, but still have some heart. 

What are your thoughts on this cover?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Awake

Top Three Reasons This Looks Like a Great Summer Read:

1. Mystery/Thrillers are some of my go to reads as summer winds down and fall approaches.
2. Scarlett's lack of early childhood memories is intriguing.
3. The cover - the combination of the flower and the barbed wire screams symbolism.

Andrea is currently reading this one. Check out her review on 8/5.

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